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Nose Reshaping Due to Accidental Punch 8 Years Ago

I had nose reshaping 9 days ago. Cast came off at...

I had nose reshaping 9 days ago. Cast came off at 7 day period.

I had nose reshaping due to accidently being punched in the nose 8 years ago and it left my nose crooked and accentuated my small bump into a nasty profile look.

Today my little 10 pound dog lightly bumped into the tip of my nose. It hurt because it is obviously still tender due to the inside sutures. Is this something I should consult my doctor about? There does not seem to be swelling from it (as it is still pretty swollen anyway) - but i don't also want anything to "shift" since I put a lot of time and money already into fixing my broken nose. Also, is icing after the cast ok to do or not? I would think so, but I started worrying that it might misdirect the bones into how they should be setting. Many thanks
Dr. Leila Kasrai

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