Different Looking Nostrils

I put my trust in a Dr and had a few procedures...

I put my trust in a Dr and had a few procedures they all came out messed up but my nose is really bothering me because its on my face. From the time he took of the nose cast one side was a lot bigger just didn't match the other nostril. I's been 4 mo and it hasn't gone down that much. Everyone can see it and so angry. I want to file a complaint but The plastic surgery office has no malpractice insurance. Can someone help me figure out what my options are?

Could my right nostril be swollen still? 4 mo laer. It looks completly different to my other one.Left side dents in on side and right side dents out

They trick you....very sad..people trust doctors myself and others I know have almost the same problems..then they have their staff make false positive comments..you must start with the board of health and file a complaint..if so b hopefully he won't be able to ruin people anymore...very sick he is still practicing after I had a background check done on him.
i don't think that there is something wrong with your nose. You are just exaggerating what you see, because you have this perfect image in your head that you are trying to cast on your face.
I agree with you.
Timothy Alexander

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