Deformed Nose and Face Structure

Nose was too big....week after surgery was hell......

nose was too big....week after surgery was hell....loved nose when it came out of cast....swelled a few hours later and never went down till this day(2 months later)

Its been 2 months since my rhinoplasty surgery and my nose is still very swollen. Not only that the more swollen and deformed my nose looks the more deformed my face structure gets. When the sides of my nose flattens my whole face gets long , droopy and flabby. I used to have very visible cheekbones but they are totally gone. My whole face structure, including my eyes have changed.

On rare occasions when my nose looks good-skinny and refined (how it should be), my face is back to normal. But that's not often enough. I have two friends who had their noses done the same time i did and they look gr8! The week after the surgery when the nurse took off the cast, i looked great-it was my face with a beautiful nose. But a couple of hours later it widened, swelled, got upturned and totally deformed. N its pretty much stayed like that these past two months.I look like a different person n i cant take it anymore. All i wanted was a nice nose not a nasty face.

When will the swelling or wtvr it is that deforming my nose and face heal? How much longer do i have to deal with this? (Im not sayin the surgery was a disaster bec. if my nose is gonna look like how it did on the first day ill be very happy...I just need to know that it when...?

I had rhinoplasty and it took many months for the swelling to go away. I would say a year for me. Hang in there - I know it is hard. Your face will change - but will tighten back up. In the meantime exercise and do yoga maybe to bring back your facial tightness. I did radiesse in my nose to build the bridge back up because I thought the doctor took to much off. Now my face has harmony. Let me know if you have any other questions. I would recommend not getting it redone since the swelling will eventually go down.
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