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Alar Base Skin Not Fully Attached - Jagged

Don't know what to think yet. I'm only one month...

Don't know what to think yet. I'm only one month post. The overall nose is fairly straight if considering if the PS did a good job on that. If it is not for the jagged scar on the side of my nose, I would be fairly happy.

I had alar base rhinoplasty a month ago and the wound had closed from both sides of my nose. The right side looks pretty good (not perfect yet), but the closure on the left side is very obvious. It seems like just the skin deeper in the nose area has attached with my cheek and the ones further out did not attach. From the side, it looks like I have a cut or disconnect. It gets even more obvious when I put on powder. The attachment itself looks very jagged. My PS said that it'll attach over time, but I don’t see it happening when there are no open wound. Will it really attach later and what can I do if it doesn’t?
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It is too early for me to make any recommendations.

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What ur doctor said anout hat happen?? Are u planning to sue him?? Cozbu didnt oay just to have a big scars and make ur self-esteem or confident low.. Right?? I have the same problem too
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Hey I have the same exact scar on my left nostril from alar base reduction. My profile has the picture as well. I am 1 year post op, and while the scar has improved, it has not gone away completely. I am looking into scar revision now
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Thanks for your response June. It is good to hear that someone with a similar scar had seen improvements with time. Did you have a sort of pot hole also on the jagged side? Besides the incision being jagged, a part of it seemed to be deeply indented that lotions and creams seem to seep into it. I feel pretty nasty with this pocket next to my nose. Can you please provide me with more info. if available? Much appreciation.
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Thanks for the support Steban. I'll try to remain optimistic.
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I too had work done to my alar base and like you the right side has healed perfectly and the left side does not look as if the incision has healed together. I am 15 weeks post op and there has been an improvement from where you are now. Originally the scar was very jagged and over the last three weeks it has smoothed down considerably and the cut looks a little less deep. It's still noticeble but only if I point it out to others. It's my understanding that it takes up to two years for a scar to completely heal so your incision is still very fresh. There will be an improvement but it will just take some time and possibly a long time. If at the end of a year you are disatisfied with the scar there are ways it can be treated so just talk to your PS or to someone who specializes scars. Honestly there are so many rhino disaster stories. If in the end you come out with a scar that isn't noticible to anyone but yourself consider yourself lucky. Anytime one gets their skin cut scars are often apart of the process but in your case I'm certain that as time goes on you will see a favorable improvement.
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give it a waiting, too early for see results, guess that is just the swelling, but dont know, can you post pic here¿?plis..hope the best for you.
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