Rhinoplasty Made my Nose Look Too Small

I had Rhinoplasty a week ago and the nose is wide...

I had Rhinoplasty a week ago and the nose is wide and piggish looking. I am of ethnic origin and have sharp features and specifically reiterated i did not want the length of the nose to small and tip to remain sharp.

I feel the tip is up and the bridge at the bottom (not sure the exact name) was bifid so had work done on it too. This now is sticking out and making my nasal tip look pushed back.

It was painless, just uncomfortable. Nose was large and had a hump wanted to reduce nose slightly whilst ensuring sharpness of feature remained. Had a meaty tip too and required refinement.

Will this swelling go down and ensure my nasal tip to fall a bit down and over the bridge?


OMG! This sounds just like my experience, im also ethnic origin, i had my Rhinoplasty about 7-8 days ago, i told him i did not wasnt a nose too small and wan't the sharp look to remain. My front and side views have changed dramatically, though i don't mind the side view, the front view looks too small and flat, did yours change the following months?? im so worried i go back to work in 6 days and i didnt say i was going for the operation as i tought i could get away with it.
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A week later is much too early to give a definite answer, but in my experience the septum (I think that's what you're referring to) remained swollen for quite a while after, especially because I had work done to reduce it, but in the end when the swelling decreased, it returned to a smaller size, which also made the tip seem less pushed up. All you can do is be patient for now and wait for the swelling to decrease further :)
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