Rhinoplasty Did Not Even out my Nose

Pros: Low down-time, kind doctor, thought it would...

Pros: Low down-time, kind doctor, thought it would improve my appearance

Cons: Unsuccessful, high cost of anesthesia My nose has been broken repeatedly throughout my life and my septum is perforated. My nose is deviated from the center of my face and I feel the asymmetry is unattractive. I have only minor problems with breathing.

I have had my nose broken 3+ times in the course of my life, and my nose is moderately deviated. It bothers me that my face is asymmetrical, although I have only minor problems breathing. My septum is also perforated, which was either a congenital defect or occurred early in life (I do remember getting many nosebleeds as a child). I underwent a rhinoplasty and septoplasty in late 2005, and am still concerned by the look of my nose. Is there hope for a revision?

Dr. Jose Lima

I do not feel he improved my appearance.

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You do have hope for a revision. While revision rhinoplasty with a history of 3 previous fractures, a septal peroforation, and 1 attempt at rhinoplasty is not easy, it is possible. You will likely require ear or rib cartilage grafting to accomplish your revision. Even with that benefit, you should expect a straighter - though *still* not perfectly straight - nose. Good luck! Mike Nayak, MD
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The doctor I recently saw for my rhinoplasty specializes in secondary rhinoplasty. I paid the $200 for an internet consultation because I live out of state. If the doctor does not think you are a good candidate he will refund your money. It's worth a shot!
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