Short and Upturned Tip-nose

I had previously undergone rhinoplasty, but tip of...

i had previously undergone rhinoplasty, but tip of my nose has turned up way more than 100 degrees and my nose looks very short. plus i have weak saddled bridge.

i willing to do revision in 3 months.

The first photo is me after 6 months of surgery. the second photo is a morphed one which i created using photoshop.

absolutely poor results, which i couldn't imagine of before my first rhinoplasty surgery. i wish i had never done it. and if it dont get fix i will be regret all my life.


who was your surgeon?
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i kinda got away with it, i fixed 70 percent, it looks good now, only a little operation is needed later on which would make it sexy, my advice to any one is not to take high risks which is not worth it, especially if u look good in the first place and you want to go beyond looking good...
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he didn't listen to words of me

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