Rhinoplasty & Revision but my Breathing Still Isn't Right (22 Years Old)

I had my rhinoplasty on jan2007 ever since i had...

I had my rhinoplasty on jan2007 ever since i had my surgery my breathing felt very obstructed in the first months. i just tought i was healing but i tought wrong so i waited two years to figure out answers.

i found out that my whole nose was collapsed internal n external. i had an inverted v deformity rhinnitis all day long i took clarinex claritin nose sprays nothin really helped...i was hopeless for the future so i went on consultations for a revision because i just couldnt take it any longer.

so i finally had my revision 4 months ago my nose looks much better now i was always realistic my inverted v is gone as well as my polly beak but my breathing... i dont know i cant even describe it its so dry and its now difficult for me to swallow i have to catch my breath all the time and my nose is always runny i always have mucus in my troath too.

My question is how could of this happen? im a 22 year old female before my surgey i was really healty and now i feel trapped in another body that suffers every day. Does anyone honestly breathe normal after following A rhinoplasty???

Can a patient become terminably ill after a rhinoplasty?

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Please do so much reaserch after going trough with it its always good to talk to the drs own patients

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It's been a long time since your last post. I really hope your breathing has improved by now. I'm hoping that the reason why you were having difficulty breathing was because you still had internal swelling from your revision. Even more important than looks is nasal function. It is a miserable feeling not being able to breathe through your nose. If you have to get another revision for breathing make sure you get the best surgeon known for fixing this type of problem, so the next surgery will be your final one!
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