Nose Bump AFTER Spreader Rasp....

It was terrible and my doctor was covering up his...

It was terrible and my doctor was covering up his mistake. I am no longer trusting of him and am moving on o another doctor.


Updated September 14, 2009

How long does it take for revision rasping of a spreader graft to heal? I had the spreader sticking out near the top of my nose after 5 months. The Doctor then shaved it down in a quick procedure(in office). I still have a bump. Did the doctor shave the inside of the graft toward my septum or did he shave the part sticking out? My doctor gives little answers. Is the bump suppose to settle into place?

I got a spreader graft inserted 4 months ago and it was sticking out. I just got it rasped last week and there is still a bump. My Doctor said its good for him. I feel he is just covering up a mistake. He said some of it is swelling but there will always be a bump. Should I seek another Doctor?


Hi, I am so sorry about this horrible experience. I am also feeling very upset at my doctor and no longer can trust him at all. I just went thru my first rhinoplasty and if I continue to dislike, I will be going thru a revision.
What I learned from this journey is to get the best doctor to see you and the more the better! So you can assess and decide which one is better for you so you can be confident on your results. Please take care!
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