Revision of Tummy Tuck Scar/Cost

I was unhappy with my body shape, I am slightly...

I was unhappy with my body shape, I am slightly overweight (5KGs) and thought this would give me the push - I had a Breast Reduction at the same time and it was really to give a better appearance

My scar is too high - Its like an frown as aposed to a smile! you can see it through clothes (fat above scar)I can't wear bikinis, you can see it above my jeans, underwear!

Should I pay for the revision - how much would be avaverage? What should i pay for (my breasts are still large (two sizes larger that agreed(apox)! Not too sure I am happy with my tummy button scar - you can see it, is this normal?

No, you shouldn't have to pay for the revision, especially if its obvious it was not good work the first time.
You shouldnt pay if ur not happy with resault
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Although I am not fully satisfied - the scarring is excellent

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