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Revision Rhinoplasty, Scar Tissue and Retin-a

I spent around $4,000 for the first...

I spent around $4,000 for the first procedure

The doctor at the time told me that revision surgery would only cost me the price of the facility and anesthesia, and he does not charge for revision surgery. He knew I was not satisfied with the results it left my nose looking worse, I decided to wait and see if after some time and healing would appear later, when I decided I wanted revision surgery a year later the doctor told me revision surgery certainly would cost a certain amount and he denied saying it was ever at no cost to the patient, saying the policy has always been this way.

Terrible surgeon, very displeased with his work. I ended up paying around $2000 for revision surgery and still the results are not what I wanted

I had revision rhinoplasty earlier this June. I feel like I still have this extra scar tissue remaining on my nose making my nose still appear big and with a bulbous tip, clearly not the results I was hoping for. Is there anything I can do about it now? Massaging the nose? I also started using a generic brand of retin-a, should I avoid putting this cream on my nose? Thank you

I am sorry for what happened to you. Get everything in writing is what I have learned. It isn't fair that doctors can do this.
I agree. This is one concern for me, since i have bulbous tip and also thick skin, i understand it can make healing tougher. I am between two docs, one i know has a revision policy where it is no cost - just facility and anesthesia, the other, i don't know his revision policy yet. but you know, thanks to some reviews like these, i truly may choose the doctor based solely upon his revision policy. i mean, worst case scenario then, if i DO need a revision, it won't drain my life savings. that i dont have anyway!
shoot... I had septo/rhinoplasty 9 months ago... and am wanting to get revision done. My dr told me the price I paid ($6000) would cover the cost of the surgery and any touch-ups I get done... He better not try and screw me over or else I'm getting an attorney :D
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