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Retin A for Acne Scars: Causing New Pits

Cons: Scars looking deeper. Some open pores have...

Cons: Scars looking deeper. Some open pores have now developed into shallow pits.

Why I did it: To get rid of my shallow scars (which are very superficial and look more like wrinkly base)

I have acne scars (it is funny that I got these scars in the region where I NEVER had pimples, is it possible? Or it could be some other allergy and not acne scars?)

These scars are exteremely shallow and look like wrinkly abse or very very shallow pits. On my derm recommendation, I have been using Retin A for 3 weeks now. My wrinkled scars are looking deeper after using.

Is it normal for the scars to look deeper before they start leveling? Is it a normal way of functioning of Retin A? Also, after using Retin A some of my open pores (because of my oily skin) have developed shallow pits. Is this reaction common and will these pits disappear with Retin A overtime?
Any updates?
I think this is common. Scars tend to look deeper before they look smaller. I read a review somewhere on acne.org where a girls indented acne scars looked worse until the 7th month, and now she has 75% improvement. Just stick with it. What is does is take off the top layers, revealing the more damaged skin underneath but then it all gets better. Patience, Patience my dear.
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The side effects that I am facing speak for themselves...

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