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Swollen on One Side. Side W/o Swelling Looks Fantastic.

My sister works in a dermatologist office and my...

My sister works in a dermatologist office and my Prolane procedure was free, I was the face model. I had already seen great results from the fractionated light treatments over the last 4 months and had tried Botox; I was pleased with the results. I think the instant results and the human need for change become addicting.

The first 24 hours all was fine, the 2nd day I awoke to swelling on one side which increased the following day. I am currently trying not to panic. Thus far I have heard possible Cellulitis as a worst case, or possible pin prick infection.

If this swelling can go away I will be very pleased with the results. The one side that did not swell looks fantastic.

Do some research about the products and the effects and possible problems, find a good (no a great) Dr. and be sure you really want to do it. My question for the community would be why can't we age gracefully with all the beauty of wrinkles and lines?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4TV_Avo4zg this sets it as it is I think. for myself when I take care of myself and feel good inside that's it, pau, end of trying to make up another face for myself. it's a lot of work to keep up the feeling of good inside. more easy to put on a happy face with make up and filler. I seem to be doing both.
I guess the reason we don't do the "aging gracefully" thing is because there is disdain for looking older (especially in California) where Hollywood generally has no use for women over a certain age. Every magazine, movie, website, etc. tells us that we are only good if we are below 40. Every wrinkly old man can play leading roles in movies but not so with the women. I guess that street only runs one way.
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as long as the swelling goes away. I am more confident with my appearance.

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