In Severe Pain After Restylane for Cheek / Nose Folds

I had restylane injections, 2 units in total for...

I had restylane injections, 2 units in total for the folds between my cheeks and nose.

I am in extreme pain. my two front teeth are acking, I have a big lump in side my nose, close to the sinus cavity that burns, so swollen its hard to take air in the nostril. I have marbling bruises all over my nose and cheeks.

The injections themselves didn"t hurt at all, post this normal??


Hi - did you have a dental or pain block injection first? Or just straight Restylane?
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Try to use some cold compresses to relieve some of the pain. I am sure these symptoms are all due to the newness of the procedure. OR... if the problems continue, give the MD a call.
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Name not provided

dr. has had several different procedures herself...i may be a rare side effect

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