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I have alot of bruising. i really didn't see much...

I have alot of bruising. i really didn't see much results. i had it done to get rid of my vertical lines.very disapointed spent to much money.

does carboxytherapy work for under eye circles? i had one treatment.

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she was at least 475.00 more than most places

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My restalyne experience was not successful either. The doctors make a lot of money on the fillers and in my experience the want you to use them even though they know the result are very temporary. The results for me equaled marks on my face, once that settled down, I had a short period of time that it looked OK, and then it was gone and so was my $400 each time. I did it a few times and decided it was not worth it. I have since had a successful face and necklift.
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