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Restylane for Uneven Lips & Very Deep Creases Under my Eyes

Immediate results-i guess, I mean u definitely see...

Immediate results-i guess, I mean u definitely see the swelling ha!

I have uneven lips and very deep creases under my eyes and I'm only 21. No concealer can cover it. I've had it since I was 12 or 13.

What can I do???? I've tried massaging and putting ice.
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Because he's pushy and acts as if he knows everything. He won't listen and will do whatever he pleases. Also he boasts non-stop.

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go and see dr lowe for lips or michelle beconsfield for eyes they are fantastic docs
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I would say, that if that was the first treatment you had, you might need more treatments until the Restylane settles in. I had my very first treatment 2 weeks ago and I LOVE it. I'm hooked already. Today, I go back for my follow up appt to get touch ups. Try to keep in mind that the first treatment won't necessarily get all the lines. Hence my follow up appt today. Be patient, and change your Doc if you don't like him. Make sure you do your homework on ANY cosmetic surgeon. Do like I did, make an appt to interview your surgeon, and be comfortable with what you find out and how your interview goes. This is YOUR face, and you only want to put it in good hands. GOOD LUCK!!
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How long ago did you have the injections? It sounds like you're on the right track with icing and massage.
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