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Restylane for Upper Cheek to Blend in the Lower Eye Lids

I had restylane injected into the upper cheeks and...

i had restylane injected into the upper cheeks and lower eye lids.

the doctor told me he didnt go down under the muscle. i had 2cc for both eyes on may 18. afew day later i can see the bags we're coming back.so june 2 he useed 1cc to do a touchup on both eyes. i now still see bumpy/uneveniness. also a blue tint in both eyes.

i read postings we're its the injector who doesn't go deep enough under the muscle.and if he dosen't go deep you may get these issues.so if i have it all removed will the bumps/lumps and blue tint go away. and their is down time with fillers. i did get black & blue from the needle and 10 days. so i had downtime because of this.

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hi, re the downtime, if you do not take any products containing asperin or similar products, it helps with the bruising. also, you have to ice the area alot. they should be icing you as soon as the procedure is done and then you continue at home and that helps greatly with the bruising. i really dont like going near the eyes, or the muscles, i would think that might affect your vision possibly. not everyone doing these procedures is really skilled at every single aspect. let's face it, it is a business and the more they can sell you, the better for them. they have many otc firming creams that shrink bags and actually take away undereye lines, i'm sticking with that adn leaving rystelane for n.l. lines.
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