What a Gift to Humanity

Did what it was supposed to. Filled in marionette...

Did what it was supposed to. Filled in marionette lines and I look 10 years younger. It was 550.00 for 1 syringe and it stung like hell even with the numbing gel, but I was brave.

My Dermatologist is awesome. He explained all potential problems and aftercare.

Yes, I will do this again, as often as I need to.

New York Dermatologist

I love MY Dr., he is the utmost professional and I hope never to have to seek another doctor. So he better not even think of retiring.

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I live in the same area as you. May I ask who your doctor is?
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Hi peonies,

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for suzi2qs, glad to hear there is another recommended dr. in my vicinity. my dr. is dr. sozio at the hartsdale med spa on central ave., and he is also wonderful. he does this all day long, nothing else, just these aesthetic procedures and that makes the difference. by the way, i have never had any numbing agent of any kind, and i have no pain...don't know if it's his technique or my pain tolerance, but i'm not complaining. after about five treatments, my own collagen production has been spiked and i have not had in well over a year, and still don't need it.

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