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Restylane for Tear Trough - Very Unhappy

I had resylane injection for tear trough a week...

I had resylane injection for tear trough a week ago. I still look puffy and bruised. I went to the Dr who( of course) said he was happy with the results. I'm not. I've had to tell some of my friends I had an allergic reaction to fish because they asked what happen to me you look like you've age 10 years.

I was so looking forward to having this procedure done.I an so disappointed with the results. I would not do this again I wish I could go back to what I looked like before.

What can I do?
Not too happy with mine either. It's been two weeks and I look worse than before. The swelling has gone down in my lower face but the lines around my mouth appear to be exactly the same as my before photo and the eyes are much worse
I was thrilled with my own results, however, after the minor swelling went down I noticed light yellow bruising under both eyes which lasted a week. Afterwards, there was a noticable, but minor, ridge under both eyes that lasted three months. I wore sunglasses. After three months, everything smoothed out and looked great for another 5months. The filler needs to be injected down to the bone. In the future, I'll ask for half of the amount my nurse suggested. With lips, the process is easy. But under the eyes, you really need to have someone, like an experienced physician, to do the work. Med Spa's are fine for Botox and lip fillers, but the eye area is a whole 'nother beast.
I had a family member who had the injections done under her eyes. It has been 6 months and they still look terrible (lumpy, bruised, swollen). Looks like she has been in a boxing match!
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