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Restylane Not So Great for Smile Lines (47 Y/o)

I am 47 and I've been thinking about this for a...

I am 47 and I've been thinking about this for a couple of years. I visted one Dermatologist who prefers Radiesse and told me that to just inject the NL folds or smiles lines without addressing some of the fat loss in cheeks, tends to drag down the mouth more. I thought that was a line and a ploy to suck mre $$ out of me.

I then went to a well known Cosmetic Surgeon. He was offering $200 off all injectibles so I thought why not? I had Restylane in the smile lines as my NL folds are not deep or that long but the smle lines bothered me. I bruised unbelievably on one side. Black bruise the size of a nickel. Didn't read up on stopping aspirin prior. Okay, bruises go away.

It will be a week Monday and it is just weird. I have two lumpy strips on either side of my mouth and my pimples (yep, the other thing I didn't read and he didn't tell me even though we discussed my breakouts at length) seem to just be distorting one entire side. I have cystic acne and I have had a lot of breakouts around the mouth. There were a couple of smaller, older but still fading csysts and now it is just a mess.

I am going to chalk this up to "well known cosmetic surgeon" or not, his injecting skills maybe not so hot and perhaps the other guy was right. If this doesn't improve in another week I am going back to get it disolved. Quite disappointed.

I agree Restalyne is NOT good for smile lines, but I think it has a lot to do with what type of face shape you have. I had it done and I looked a little "chipmunky" afterwards. It filled in the lines yes, but I had this outer swelling too, not worth it to me. I want to try Radiesse or Sculpta next and see how that works.

I had restylane done in Mexico and found that it helped to lessen the deep smile lines I have at almost 50. No bruising. It was worth it since a face lift is out of the question at this time.
Whew, little abrasive aren't we? You are right, it is my FACE which is why I went to a well known, well respected Cosmetic Surgeon, not the local "Med-Spa" or hair salon with an RN and doubted the Dermatolgist. That said, 90% of the "well known and well respected surgeons" are ofering some sort of discount-(I called 12)as you know, bad economy, first thing people forego is unneccesarry stuff like fillers and Botox. I didn't mean to imply he is a bad surgeon.I just think some people have the technique or even art of injecting down better than others. Judging by all the varied comments on this filler and others, on this board, that seems to be more of a theme than an exception. Since my initial posting, I have "massaged" and the filler has leveled out and actually looks quite nice. Will I do it again? Not sure. I think my money would be better spent on a neck lift and TCA peel as the lines on my face aren't deep and the results were not so spectacular as to warant $400-600 every 4-6 months.
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