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Naso Labial Restylane Filler Seems to Have Gone Wrong

I had a Restylane injection 3 days ago in both my...

I had a Restylane injection 3 days ago in both my left and right naso labial folds. The last time I had this procedure done was 12 months ago. The left side that was injected seems fine now, however since having the right side done the same day it looks like a thin gel worm under my skin.

I contacted the person who injected it and they say they've never come across this before. They said they contacted Resytlane and were informed that I should take antihistamines and/or ibuprofen for it and that it should settle within a week or two. I think the point has been missed and she's either put too much in one small area or not deep enough. I had this especially done before I go on holiday which is in 3 days time.

I am very self conscious of this extra area of thickness now running along my right naso line. The person who injected it is not based in my city and won't be back until November and I don't want to wait that long. I can honestly say that I had no such issues when I first had it done a year ago. The difference being the person carrying out the procedure is all. Any advice please?

Why would the Restylane injection I had 3 days ago in my right naso labial fold look like a thin, raised vein or bendy worm under the skin and how long will it take to go or does some other method need to be used to remove it? It looks almost like a long scar line! Thanks Very Concerned, Leicester
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8440anon replies to her own post. I learned today online that there are 4 or 5 types of Restylane. They seem to be different "viscosities" for lack of a better word. Each different type is for a different purpose, and each is to be injected to a different "level". This MAY account for some Restylane treatments not behaving as expected. I am a total layman; this is just a guess which may not be fair to Restylane, but I pass it on for whatever it's worth.
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Dear "Interior Designer". My story is EXACTLY your story, including we probably used the same doctor. It has now been 5 years since the blue Restylane pencil-lead lines were inserted into my naso-labial folds. The same doctor, who is someone I respect and feel friendship toward, also "comped" me 2 years later with more Restylane, which I now suspect never subsided. I have an unusual "lump" above my upper lip, and in fact, my whole smile and upper lip are weird. (16 years ago I had a fat injection into my upper lip, but that 2nd doctor insists that fat couldn't possibly still be there...it must be lingering Restylane.) One doctor I found on the web says that Restylane can be "excised", I think that was her word, and "squeezed" out. Frankly, the filler went in with a needle, so why can't I puncture it with a needle, and squeeze out as much as I want? A lot less painful than paying another doctor. I would love to hear feedback on whether or not the blue vanishes with hyaluronidase (sp?)... and whether any one has tried "excision" as an alternative removable method. Cheers.
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I had the same experience (a blue "pencil line" appeared on one naso labial fold, but not on the other). Four years have now passed, and I still have the blue pencil line, although it has flattened a little. It is a scar, no doubt about it. My doctor later suggested trying to dissolve the line with hyaluronidase (sp?), but I was too afraid that I would then get an even worse depression in the fold. I decided to "wait it out", but at the current rate I fear it will be another 5 years. No, the doctor did not massage it. He had used the "standard" Restlane in the fold --- thicker than the "lite" Restylane. He put "lite" into the area around my lips. That seemed to work well, and it lasted a long time. The doctor is an established professional in my Colorado resort town. He does this procedure frequently. He charged $400, but gave me another free treatment in another location because he felt so bad. If anyone has had success dissolving this purple line, I would appreciate seeing a post here on this site. Thanks. It's now Dec 2009.
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Thanks for your email and comments. No, I'm not asian, I am white also. This is the second time I've had it done but not with the same person. I think it's a combination of not injecting deep enough, not injecting in the crease and injecting a bit too much which because it's not in the right area and not done deeply enough has left this thin gel ridge or worm as I call it. The person who has injected it says she's never come across this before and came up with quite a few reasons why it could have happened, mostly around the fact that because I've had it done before and there was still some product left in the area that the two products (which were both Restylane in any case) haven't bonded correctly. It's a load of rubbish if you ask me and she obviously hasn't got the experience to do it correctly. She is insisting I come back and she will put more in as she kept the balance of my syringe to use as a top up which she says is supposed to be done two month's after the first session but I've said I'm definitely not going back. What a waste of money it's been. I'll just go to a proper cosmetic clinic if I decide to get this done again when it needs it down the track.
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Did they massage the filler after they injected it? I've had the same procedure four times and was very happy with results. I suspect the filler wasn't injected deep enough. I'm caucasian and wonder if you have asian skin which is (I assume) more delicate. Very odd that you have a ridge based on my own experience.
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Watch out for hyaluronidase - it dissolves filler but comes with problems of its own.
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Hi Tried -- what are some problems with hyaluronaise?
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Restylane is a hyaluronic acid, so it can be reversed with hyaluronidase.

Here's a related question that might help as well: Dissolving Restylane - How long to wait to get hyaluronidase injections?

Good luck. :)

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