Restylane Injections for the Lips. Not Happy. Body Absorbed It Too Quickly

I chose the Restylane Injections to enhance my...

I chose the Restylane Injections to enhance my lips before my sons wedding.

Within 2 months, the lips have gone down and I am not satisfied with the results. $450.00 a syringe is quite a bit to pay for 2 months. The doctor said that my body absorbed it.

I cannot see how in 2 months this happened. Wanted me to buy another syringe @ his cost of $250.00.

The brochure said that it last 6 months.

Has anyone had bad results with Restylane Injections on your lips? After 2 months the Restylane is going away on my lips. Is it possible for your body to absorb it? I feel like I wasted $450.00 for this short of a time. What can I do? Doctor pretty much said he would not refund my money.


Restylane is suppose to be great for filling under the eyes and fine, surface wrinkles that look like crackled skin.
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restylane is not FDA approved for lip injections. even with Collagen, these products do not last very long in the lips.
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