Restylane in N/L Folds - Be Careful if You Have Rosacea

I had my nasolabial folds done twice (over a 4 yr....

I had my nasolabial folds done twice (over a 4 yr. span) along with a small amount into my upper lip to give a little definition.

I dealt with a lot of reddness along the folds, which ended up with a lot of small broken capillaries. I can say the filler did the job, but at a price that now I try to keep the broken capillaries under control with an occasional V beam treatment. I did not have any broken capillaries before I started with the restylane only occasinal reddness from the rosacea.

I would like to try another board certified dermatologist ( the one who did the restylane) has suggested Radiesse because it goes a little deeper into the skin.

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I liked the way he performed a dental block to inject the filler, but I think I should have been cautioned further because of my hx. with rosacea or other options.

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