4cc's Around Mouth - Worried I Overpaid

2cc'sof Restalyne around mouth, then two weeks...

2cc'sof Restalyne around mouth, then two weeks later, and additional 2cc's. Total of 4'cc's.

Starting to get wrinkles around mouth - age 50. 2nd time was more painful than first.

I had 2cc's of Restalyne around my mouth and didn't see much result. In two weeks I went back and got 2 more cc's for a total of $1400. Does this many cc's sound average? Also, still have wrinkles and at the beginning, he aid they were'nt that bad.
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have you ever used renova? its prescribed by doctor.i started getting vertical lines on my upper lip when i was about 38 yrs old.from smoking.i am 44 now and have no lines.it smoothes the lines on your entire face, including under eyes.i cannot live without this cream.i use 2 times a week.i highly suggest this cream.but you must use as directed.good luck!
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I think some people need more, and some less. I think the cc's depend on how deep the lines are and the area being treated. I know nasolabial folds would take more than the lips, but personally, I don't think 4cc's is too much. It's probably about right. I'd talk to your doctor about what you are feeling. Don't be afraid to speak up and ask the doc questions. A good doc will be only too happy to answer any and all questions.
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I have had both Restylane and Juvederm injections to reduce the nasolabial folds and some lines around my mouth twice (once a yr)Yes it is a painful experience but the results for me were dramatic! My dermatologist is a true artist and I believe the results were directly due to him. (his experience, etc) Your price is about right. Most times a 1cc syringe goes for 500 or so. I am almost "due" for another visit but I have noticed that the nasolabial folds (Juvederm used there) is not as pronounced as last year. It seems some collagen has returned. My dr.used Juve for the deep lines and Resty for the shallow ones. I asked for ice the minute he was finished and drove home alternating ice on each side. I continued ice until I went to bed some 4 hrs later. No Advil, Aleve, or Aspirin kept the bruising at bay before or 3 days after. I'm 56 and after 4 kids the lines were pretty intense! It's the md that matters as I've found with any procedure.
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