Removal of Facial Hair Via Laser - Worth It

Since my teenage years, I had a lot of dark,...

Since my teenage years, I had a lot of dark, coarse facial hair on my upper lip, chin line and upper neck. Tried waxing, tweezing, electrolysis, cream remover, oral steroids (bad!!) and it would always (understandably) come back. I was getting scars from so much tweezing/digging and the area was always red from irritation or darkened by scarring.

Finally in my 40s I tried the laser removal method. The results are unreal for me. I have had three intensive treatments and virtually no regrowth and probably 99% of it is gone. I occasionally get a few here or there but it is nothing a tweezer can't manage.

Yes, the procedure is pretty uncomfortable but well worth it. Later in the day the redness is pretty much gone and ice packs help. I never thought I would be able to go without makeup or without spending 30 minutes every day tweezing before leaving the house. Now I can and do! It has helped my self-confidence immensely.

Cleveland Clinic Dermatology - Chagrin Falls, OH

The removal was performed in the Dermatology department at a satellite office of the Cleveland Clinic so I felt pretty safe using this provider.

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It's great to hear that it worked well for you. I'm currently getting laser hair removal on my upper lip as well. I have a question for you though; you mentioned that your skin got darkened due to scarring from tweezing, threading etc. Have you managed to find a solution to this problem? because im getting dark patches of skin myself and i think its due to threading all the time. If you have any suggestions that worked for you, please share them with me. Thanks
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I think it was just all the trauma to the area...I was not kind to my face, using whatever necessary to dig out those ingrown ones (sorry to be gross). After I stopped all that, eventually the dark patches just went away since I was no longer putting physical stress on the area. I know that doesn't sound too scientific but I hope it helps somewhat.
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