Rembrandt Whitening: Burnt Gums

Terrible. It burned my gums horribly and they...

Terrible. It burned my gums horribly and they swelled making me look like i had botched collegen injections. Still swollen makes my smile looks really odd 2 days after.


I used the whitening strips and they burned my gums starting with the second time. hurt. Will probably keep using though, since I spent $20 on them. Hurts for about 3-4 minutes and then subsides.
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Oh my gosh! I did the 2 hour whitening treatment by Rembrant & it burnt my gums too. Especially on the bottom teeth. Right below my bottom lip absolutely hurts. Even the roof of my mouth, right behind my teeth is starting to peel. I tried not to get it on my gums, but thees only so much one can do with a tray in their mouth ya know?
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