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Refirme for my Under Eye Circles

I have had only one appointment so far earlier...

I have had only one appointment so far earlier today. I haven't seen any difference but I wasn't expecting to see results yet.

The Refirme did not hurt at all, I also had the Fotofacial done on my cheeks and the Refirme was nothing compared to that. It was a very unique feeling, it was making the collegen twitch every time it zapped, very neat feeling.

I have under eye circles caused from skin sagging (not fat bulges) so I had only my under eyes and the area next to the side of my eyes (temple area) done with the Refirme.

I will update this to let you know what happens from here on, I plan on having four more sessions every four weeks.

I didn't see any results from this so I wouldn't...

I didn't see any results from this so I wouldn't waste my money again.
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I am very interested in your results . I have hollow areas under my eyes . I had filler put in & it did not look good but left me with fine lines under my eyes . A dermatologist recommended the Elos sublime for this area . Did it improve your wrinkles & lines ?
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Yes any updates? Hope it went well !
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How did you like the results of ReFirme? Where did you get this procedure done in Edmonton?
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