Redness After Pixel Laser for Acne Scars

I had my first pixel (erbium based) session last...

I had my first pixel (erbium based) session last week for acne scars. The redness is still there on the scars, although its gone on rest of the face.

My query is that how much time is required to get rid of the entire redness? How much time it takes to see the results?

My doctor said same:) usually it takes about 3 treatments to see a nice effects:) I just had my first... I have scheduled the next one already in 5 weeks. It is a little of the pain but I guess with age the scars will turn even worse, so I want to finish the treatment as soon as I can.
Well i have had a total of 5 Pixel laser treatments, hyper/hypopigmentation was a huge problem for me before. The Pixel laser has helped this tremendously but it did take time. I would say after my 3rd treatment is when i could really see a huge change. And remember it does get better with time, give it a few months.
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