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Noticed I Had Plumper Skin After Only One Treament

I noticed a difference after one treatment.....

i noticed a difference after one treatment.. plumper skin. and when my friend saw me, she said the same thing.

i think its worth it, will do more. good for around the mouth and checks, doesnt do anything for the eyes.


i had 2 treatments for $675 (NYC). the first treatment was immediately noticable, but the second treatment results were more gradual. overalll, it has made a an improvement to the sagging skin around my mouth. i look rested. it doesnt do anything for the eyes. the refirm in combo with line filler in my laugh lines has the best effect. im 42 and i have very few lines, but the firmness isnt quite the same. i think lasers help, but its not like you're going to look 2-4 years younger... maybe 1 year younger.
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Before Refirme, I was using an at home microcurrent device (NuFace) for over a year and was quite pleased with the results. Though not a quick or total cure for the beginnings of jowls (which is my problem)when I look at pics of me from a year ago, I could not believe the serious improvement in my jawline from the use of microcurrent. Nuface takes daily commitment and gives cumulative results over time and is great for at home maintenance but I wanted to step up my game after having decided that a face lift was definitely not for me. I decided to try Refirme because it was "affordable", relatively painless and had no reports of potential risks (unlike Titan or Thermage which people have reported can damage tissue and are quite painful treatments.) I have had two treatments and have spent a total of $500 and can already see a difference. The results with Refirme are also supposed to be cumulative, so with additional treatments and maintenance, I don't doubt that I will be quite pleased with the ongoing results. I've read lots of posts that say microcurrent or light treatements are a waste of time and money and that we should all just head straight for surgery for better results. Ladies, I did alot of research on having a mini face lift, and finally concluded that I just wasn't willing to take the risk of facial paralysis...even if it was a slim risk. In addition, hasn't anyone else ever noticed that the eye area looks odd after a face lift is done? I had consults with some of the best surgeons in Phoenix, and even when looking at photos of their best work, I still felt the women looked a little pulled/tight and very odd around the eyes. The results from facelifts are just not natural looking - no matter how good the work is. Is a face lift better for some people who already have majorly sagging jowls and droopy necklines? Probably. But for those of us that are in the early stages of aging and still have the opportunity to slow the process with less invasive procedures,injectables, better skin care at home, better diet, etc. I say do the leg work and age gracefully without going under the knife.
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just had second treatment. i dont see any differnce from before. i'll give it a few weeks.
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