Tummy Tuck 4 Weeks Ago After Excessive Stretching from Twin Pregnancy and Large Diastasis Recti

Had tummy tuck 4 weeks ago after excessive...

Had tummy tuck 4 weeks ago after excessive stretching from twin pregnancy and large diastasis recti.

Not at all happy with abdominoplasty. In addition to still looking pregnant, my incision extends higher than my belly button.

Has anyone heard of re-stretching a week after full tummy tuck? The abdomen above my belly button looks like I am pregnant, while the abdomen below is totally flat.
Stick close with your plastic surgeon (hopefully a Board Certified one!) and ask these questions directly. You might have fluid in the upper abdomen, you might just have swelling, or your muscle repair might not have gone all the way up to the xyphoid which is the bottom of the breast bone. If you had a mini TT, what you have is one of the problems with that operation, tight lower abdomen and bulgy upper abdomen.
Are you sure you didn't pop a stitch from the muscle repair above the belly?
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Abdomen still looks the same with clothing on, but now unnatural as the lower abdomen is flat but upper abdomen is bloated. Still cannot wear bathing suit as scar extends higher than belly button

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