Radiesse Under Eye Bruising and Swelling - 6 Weeks

I had Radiesse from a board certified plastic...

I had Radiesse from a board certified plastic surgeon under my eyes 6 weeks ago. My left lower eye-lid and cheek are pretty good, although a very light small red bruise persisting on that side, but my left eye is horrible! A lumpy ridge on the lower orbital ridge with a large red bruise below that. My doctor has been having me massage it, and is doing ultra-sound on it weekly, but it's been very up-and-down.

I haven't read about anyone else using ultrasound on this board. Is it really helpful, or is there anything else I can do? It is really sad, and I am so depressed. It really doesn't seem to be getting better. I must say this surgeon has done other procedures for me that have been fantastic. But this is really upsetting. I have to use large amounts of makeup and even that doesn't cover it. Help please!

Anyone else ever heard of using ultrasound for Radiesse lumpiness and discoloration for under eye filler? If so, did it help?
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he has done many procedures for me which turned out fantastic and I trusted him implicitly. I think this has just gone wrong.

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I also had this done in Eugene Oregon July 2, 2009 and am still having the problems you discribe, just wondering if you got better?
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I had the redness but no bump- under eye discoloration- how did u get rid of it? It's been 10 weeks and I still have it under one eye
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The same thing happened to me! One eye looked fine, though bruised, and the other looks just like you described! After a few weeks, my provider injected the big bump with anti-inflammatories and the redness went away, but there was still a huge bump under my skin. It looked like a big zit ready to pop or a giant mosquito bite. The doctor says that this new produce was not have an "reversal" or "dissolving" injection that can be used. So, he finally tried to "lance" the bump and bring out the material. It has been a week now, but the bump is still there, though a bit smaller, but now it is very red and bruised again and it looks even worse. He didn't mentioned ultrasound or massage. Are you having success with those things? Please keep me posted...I think we are in the same boat. I hope we don't have to wait a year or two for this stuff to dissolve. I don't think I would ever use it again. I have been hiding out all summer because of it. Bummer! Good luck!
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What ever happened to your eye?
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