Great results, amazing that my "laugh...

Great results, amazing that my "laugh lines" are gone. Great product that lasts better than the other fillers. Radiesse adds the volume back to your face that the years have slowly taken away! Do it!!


I got it done on August 25, 2009. I also had no bruising and very little swelling and the little swelling disappeared on the 4th day. I had a doctor doing it, but I wasn't picky who did it at this place. The RN was fully booked for the day and I need it done before my kids school start cuz I was afraid of reddish and bruises from the injection site, but there was really none. The doctor gave me dental block so I hardly feel any pain at all. I I wish I done this years ago. My laugh line also aged me really badly. I was mistaken as a grandmother because of that. I notice many people in their late 30's also got really bad laugh line folds in addition to crows feet. I am so happy I got it done. Gave me confidence back!!!!!!!!!!!
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I got my radiesse treatment over 10 days ago. No brusing and very little swelling. I love it and wish I got it done years ago. My laugh line is aging me realy badly.
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Aspire Skin Care - Christine Covetti @ Aspire. She works with Dr. Michaels who is well known in the community!

Numbing cream and NO pain at all!

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