Radiesse Not Worth It (Caused Lumps in Sides of the Mouth and Upper Chin Area) - San Diego, CA

Two weeks ago I had radiesse injected on the sides...

Two weeks ago I had radiesse injected on the sides of the mouth/upper chin area. I continue to have pain all along the jaw line and now have two huge painful granulomas; (one is almost the size of a quarter) that have formed below the chin and another seems to be forming. Looks like the radiesse is migrating to other areas along the jaw line. However, I must admit, I do look younger, but for how long? and what a price to pay!

Years ago I had silicon injected into my lips by a Doctor from Chicago who now lives in Durban, South Africa and horrible painful granulomas formed and are permanent in my lips. I shared my concern with the Doc who was to inject the radiesse - she didn't seem concerned so I again...trusted the experts. I hope to God these don't become permanent like the lips.


You should go back to your doctor to find out where the pain maybe coming from. That is adnormal to have pain for that long. I didn't have much pain cuz my doctor gave me dental block and went that wear off, I only felt some paim for like 3 hours. It was bearable pain that I didn't have to take any pain medication for.

It's been several months since radiesse...

It's been several months since radiesse injected in my face, when the swelling went down, I continued to have problems with painful lumps along the jawline. I would NOT recommend this procedure to anyone.

You should seek a second opinion or go back to your doctor, that is a really odd result after radiesse and If they they really used Radiesse. I got it in my cheeks once and nothing of the sort happened to me.
Who was your doc?
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I felt like I was being pressured and the general overall feeling is that of sales pressure. I'm aware that the Plastic/Cosmetic arena is down almost 70% so fillers are now taking the place of surgery. Someone, like myself has to pay for the diamond rings, Mercedes and Insurance...right?

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