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Radiesse Under Eyes Nightmare!

I had radiesse under the eyes and am not happy at...

I had radiesse under the eyes and am not happy at all! I have seen other people that have had it done and it looked great! I have had a horrible experience and would NOT do it again.

I had radiesse injected under my eyes the end of July. I was swollen and had major black eyes for 2 1/2 weeks. I still have majo discoloration and a very noticable ridge under each eye. I went to a well respected plastic surgeon. They are trying to help! I have had other filler injected to try and smooth it out. I have taken a dose pack. I was scheduled to have surgery this week, but the doctor wants to try a massage method first.... Any advice?
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I have used this dr before and have been happy with results. I think the product is bad.

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Yes. It is horrible. My dr is being very helpful. I just want to know if anybody has had the same reaction and if they had any success in correction it.
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