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Should I Have a Large Lump Afterwards?

Hurt like hell, even with the numbing cream,...

Hurt like hell, even with the numbing cream, doctor went in about three times for a large indented chin scar. It is still rock hard, I'm concerned with the lump like appearence, how long should it last?

I had a Radiesse injection this afternoon for a indented scar on my chin. It has been approximately four hours & the area is hard as a rock, feels like a giant cyst under my skin. Is this normal? Should it subside soon? Please help, I'm extremely worried..
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Hey! I havent seen any recent posts and was wondering how your scar looks now? I to have a dented scaron my chin that the doc told me to try Radiessse so was i eager to hear or see your final outcome!! THanks!
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mine eventually went away. I think they say that it happens when its not put in deep enough..but im not a dr. I just know I changed dr on my second and it didnt happen. Mine went down and went away after a few weeks. I was able to cover it w/ green concealer then your regular base. (my bump was only noticeable in my skin it wasnt on top o fthe skin so it was a red issue) if it is counteract the red using a green concealer and no one will notice. if its minor like mine was and only you feel it why try to have more stuff done to it... my philosophy is leave it alone i fyou can.
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To give an update, the swelling has gone down drastically and it is still a little firm but not rock hard anymore. I do,however, have a couple pea sized lumps still. I have been massaging them diligently but they don't seem to be going away, any suggestions?
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Thanks for the info, I went through those two topics but couldn't find an exact similar situation. Going on day two now & it's still rock hard & very visible from the outside. I have been massaging it as advised to no avail. From everything I've read, Radiesse is supposed to feel soft & require "no down time." I can't go out in public because of the giant lump on my chin, I have a sales presentation Friday, I'm stressing out that it's still going to look like a deformity by then! Does anyone if this large lump is normal? It's not a little pimple, it's the entire area of my chin where I was injected. How long should I expect it to remain like this? Any input would be so greatly appreciated! Thanks again..
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