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18 Month Old Bruise on my Cheek That Would Not Heal

I was treated with Radiesse as a filler for my...

I was treated with Radiesse as a filler for my cheeks approximately 18 months ago. The right cheek became severely bruised which never healed. The bruise is through and through the full depth of my cheek. It is large and very purplish.

Arnica, Auriderm, Confrey ointment and laser were not successful in resolving the bruise. Thus far none of the cosmetic specialists I visited were able to find a solution. I understand that this is unheard of, but unfortunately it is my predicament, much to my dismay. Am I toast?


I had radiesse under the eyes for dark circles and I look horrible. It's been three weeks and I have red, swollen bags under my eyes. Now Dr says he may have to surgically remove it. I was told I might be a little bruised for a few days. Have you had any luck since you last posted?
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