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Radiesse Treatment Made Me Feel Unwell

Had the radiesse done two days ago, and i dont...

had the radiesse done two days ago, and i dont feel well. i really cant tell how im feeling, but i just dont feel good after the radiesse.

I just had this done and have the same weird feeling. How did things turnout for those you posted a few years ago?
I had Radiesse under my eyes 14 days ago and my 'weird' feeling started a couple days ago, after all the swelling went down. I dont feel bad. Im not sick, I just feel bizarre and "not normal", like Marisa said. . Kinda like after I take over the counter sinus medicine ... spacey and detached . Can anyone relate?? :(.
I had radiesse injected into my nose. .8cc. I have a heavy feeling in my nose on the tip. I have pain in my top front teeth. I feel like I have a sinus infection. I have pressure that is driving me crazy. I had it done in mid Sept. Did your symptoms go away? I am a little past the 3 month mark and I feel awful. Please answer back! Anyone who has a similar issue please respond.
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