Prolonged Redness Under Eyes After Active FX/Blepharoplasty

Hello,I am male, skin type II, and on day 17...


I am male, skin type II, and on day 17 post-procedure for lower lid trans-conjunctival blephoraplasty with full face Active FX. I healed well from both procedures with the exception of my under eye area where I am experiencing intense residual redness that has faded minimally.

I learned after the procedure that my under-eyes were lasered at a higher setting that the remainder of my face. My MD has suggested that the under-eye redness I am experiencing is unique, despite the higher setting and should be resolved by now. Today I started a Medrol Dose Pak.

Again, the remainder of my face treated with Active FX healed fine with positive results.

My questions are as follows: How abnormal is this redness? Is this erythema or am I simply growing new layers of skin as a result of the deeper intensity of the laser? If so, how long before this fades? How do I know if I am scarring and looking at some kind of permanent event? The redness is very noticeable and I would never have done this if I had been told I would need over 3 weeks to recover.
I'm almost a year out now. I have lost facial volume in all areas treated, even forehead. I am now paying for replacement fillers. My undereyes and remainder of skin is prone to flushing when I am emotional or exercise. I have wrinkles I never had before and my skin tone is uneven. Pretty much the bad result others have experienced. Forunately, I have found another MD/RN that are much more holistic and not just about the money. COMPLETE nightmare. All I needed was some fillers to plump up the bags under my eyes is what I now understand but I trusted this provider and now I'm paying for it. I read the RealSelf reviews but figured the odds where in my favor. Giving your skin a thermal burn for rejuvination is so not the way to go. Pay attention to the reviews in here and listen - get SEVERAL opinions from providers. Live and learn. Guess it could always be worse.
Hi. I don't know if you still check here. I had the same reaction you did. 5 weeks later, still lots of redness and now it looks like a rash. this is the worst thing I have ever done and I hope to God I do not get scarring. Seeing a second doctor next week to evaluate. I would have preferred to have my 'old' wrinkled skin.
i am 2 weeks post total/deep fx. my skin is back to normal except i have black circles under my eyes. is this because of my treatment is it normal? will it go away?
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Pre-procedure information insufficient. It was supposed to be a walk in the park. The down-time and resulting anxiety related to my healing progress has put me through hell. I am now facing the possibility of returning to work as a guy wearing makeup...nice.

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