Post Rhinoplasty Questions, Worried About How Nasal Bones Look

I had rhinoplasty in December 2008. I wanted to...

I had rhinoplasty in December 2008. I wanted to remove a small nasal hump and make the tip less bulbous. I was happy with the results initially but now I have a few problems. see question below

I have more prominent nasal bones after the procedure, the bridge looks like steps or a crooked V in certain light and the middle of my nose is wider than the tip or bridge. I also have two small bumps on both sides of the bridge (left greater than right) that are tender when I wear my glasses. how long should it take for these irregularities to go away if they will?
Honestly I like your old nose better but it could be just your selection of pictures. Thinner nose doesn't always mean better. The wider nose was in balance with your strong cheekbones. Also the tip in the old nose blended in with the bridge better, this one has an abrupt transition. It looks like the new nose is sort of curvy in the side profile. However it doesn't necessarily mean your surgeon did a bad job, i think you just didn't need it, that's all.

Hi Prettykitty -- A lot of what I've read here on RealSelf (N.B. I'm not a doctor :) says you should expect swelling for 6-12 months, so it's still possible that your nose is swollen. Here are some links that might help too:

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BTW, have you spoken to your doctor about your concerns?

yes I have talked with her about my concerns and I am talking with a facial plastics guy to see what he would do in my case. I hope that it is just swelling but I can't be sure. thanks for your reply.
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