Radiesse Leaking into Mouth After Injected into Cheekbone Area? - Portland, OR

Pros: Minimal pain/discomfort and like the...

Pros: Minimal pain/discomfort and like the look

Cons: worried it is leaking into my mouth!??! Have a salty taste that won't go away...

Why I did it: have a rejuvenated appearance restore facial volume loss

Portland Oregon


I had Radiesse a week ago and am delighted with it. The nurse practitioner is one who has also done broad band laser, botox, oxygen-facials and dysport for me as well. I believe the skill level of the person performing the procedure is crucial. I would recommend finding a SKILLED practioner and ask to see their before and afters. I had my cheekbones filled and although a subtle change, it made me look refreshed and gave me a lift in my whole facial area.
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I had radiesse injected into my cheek bone area a...

I had radiesse injected into my cheek bone area a week ago, but just last night I started getting a salty taste in my mouth on one side that won't go away (it has continued on today). I called my DR and expressed that I was worried that the radiesse was leaking down into my mouth??? Does anyone know about this?? I am completely freaked out and of course I don't want it draining down and dissipating! Thank you!


I had Radiesse treatment since Aug. 2008 and last one was Dec. 2009. I read everything, have a board certified plastic reconstructive surgeon and got a delayed immune reaction. I’m going for complete blood work and x-rays. I am so scared that I will not get well. An autoimmune response was one of my fears. I didn't want any of the other fillers because of problems. I have numbness in my hands, pain, and swelling and tingling in my hands. This stuff hardens and it attaches to bone and can forms granuloma and immunologic phenomena. I thought the body got rid of this product. I hope my primary doctor can help me. I am waiting for an answer too.
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Thanks, yes I of course did extensive research before deciding on a provider. He is one of the highest recommended board certified facial plastic surgeons in Portland, OR.... Have you had any salty drainage in your mouth? I think my glands may have gotten a little irritated; that's what the doctor said...

Pros: -Amazing results when added to cheek bones....

Pros: -Amazing results when added to cheek bones. I LOVE it!!!! When administered by a skilled Dr, it can heighten your cheek bones, giving your whole face a lifted, youthful look. -Minimal downtime; just a little puffy/swollen the day of, but that's it!

Cons: Doesn't last THAT long- maybe 6 months at the most (for me). Expensive ($750/syringe)


Magilke or Gasch ( Teresa Robinson at Gasch will do treatment)
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I am also still looking for a recommended Dr. in the Portland, OR area...Sorry, I don't have anyone to recommend. Anyone have any suggestions?
Thank you!
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Who did your Radiesse? I am looking for a really good doctor to do this. Thanks!
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Name not provided

because I am unsure of the results he injected me with juvaderm ultra plus in a different area as well and I am waiting to see if the results are going to be good...if so, then I'll update and recommend this DR

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