Side Effects of DOT

It was mild discomfort, burning afterwards, and on...

It was mild discomfort, burning afterwards, and on day 3 sandpaper dot scabs in grid form that have peeled in sections leaving red and indented marks behind.

I am on day 3 since my DOT treatment. The brown scablike dots that look like checkers all over my face are starting to peel and flake. Some areas more than others. i noticed i am red underneath, which does not worry me....but what does is the tiny pin prick indentions that the dark dot scabs have left behind, mocking the lines and grids before. these are indented (ie: like pillow marks from sleeping) do these smooth out and fill in or should I be concerned?


Hope you had better luck than me. 1 yr later, my smooth skin has pitted spots that fill w/ oil & I'm considering microdermabrsion. DOT can do mild resurface. Dot is a beam of multiple lights that 'cut in' to skin w/ columns. They are suppose to then close hole/tighten. Too deep or too wide setting makes oily & pitted skin. Very little may help smooth skin but this can't go deep to really tighten & last. Over 40 will be waste. It can smooth surface lightly to get refreshed look. Home exfoliate if you're young! I had smooth skin w/ need for wrinkles. Now I have oily wrinkles & oily micro holes.
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