Pixel for Mild Wrinkles and Pore Size Reduction

Pixel laser for mild wrinkes and reduction in pore...

Pixel laser for mild wrinkes and reduction in pore size around nose. they said it woudl brighten my complexion and make my already good skin even better.

I had very good skin to begin with but was talked into this. It has been 4 days and i look AWFUL!!! My skin is still extremely red (they said that would only last 24 hours) and the spots where they did 2 passes (chin and laugh lines) look even worse. I look like i have aged 20 years. My skin started peeling yesterday but it doesn't look good. i want my skin back! will i ever look normal again. i wish i had never, ever done this to myself!

Please help!!!!!
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After reading how many people are wondering about this procedure, I decided to give my input...I had a pixel done on Friday ..today is Monday and I don't want my husband to look at me! Ha..thank God he loves me and prob feels sorry for me..my face feels tight yet looks twenty years older..I'm freeking out but they assured me it will go away after seven days..ugh..all I can say rite now is I really hope they're right! I won't leave you hanging and will keep updating on how this works out..wish me luck..:)

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yes, I completely agree with FStace
I want to know how is it now!
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Some of the posts people make here show they have NO IDEA what they are getting into, not from researching it beforehand, and not from their physician (or nurse or whomever) telling them what proper aftercare is and what to expect. Here this person said they looked AWFUL after 4 days. Really? Of course you do!! You just had a laser burn off your skin. You could look like crap for 7-10 days with a pixel treatment, depending on what power % they set the machine at. Sucks too that people that make posts like this don't come back on to post a month or two later to update, leaving everyone to wonder 'Well how is it now?' People - if you're going to come on here to complain about how you hate something you did 4 days later, at least have the resolve to come back and post FOLLOW UPS at later dates.
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Sounds like you will have a good outcome. The results you saw after 4 days suggest that you had appropriate treatment for acne scars. How are you now? Are you pleased with the way you look now that your healing is complete?
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Are you happier now? 4 days after laser treatment is definitely much too early to make decisions about results. How are you now?
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Hi, I was thinking of having this done for my mild acne scars, and just to tighten up my skin a little. Has your skin settled down & are you still unhappy with the result? I have very fair skin. Thanks
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I heard the downtime can be about 10 days for the skin to heal and redness to go away, and the first couple are scary, so maybe wait a few more days and hopefully it wont be as bad.
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