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Scars All Gone After First Treatment, Gettin Excited Too Early?

Pained like hell for the first hour, but all good...

Pained like hell for the first hour, but all good since then. Had my first pixel treatment on saturday (1st Aug) and only yesterday washed my face. right now skin feels tight, wth a bit of flaking of, but worried will it all go away before i go back to work on monday (10 august)

My right cheek was the worst, it was full of scars, chek da pic attached, they have all gone and so have da ones on my left cheek!, sorry, but will get pic up soon My face is no more sollen, and my scars are ALL GONE!!

am i getin excited too early? and yes i have been drinking alot of water! is that whats helping it?
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Hey there, checking in to see if you had any more treatments and how your final results turned out, sounds like you were having great success!

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hello all, and hi Damak, how is you skin now? I just had my Pixel done yesterday. I am asian, and somehow i feel a lil worried now seeing how red and burnt my skin is. The lady says by the next day post treatment i can go out shopping already, but looking like burnt meat, i dont think i will ever go out like this. I'm starting to get worried if this is permanent. Help!
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The most important thing to wear after Pixel laser treatment is sunblock,,extremely important! Dont worry Damak I think you will see improvements with the more treatments you have, and remember it can take months to see the full results. Best of luck!
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Its been a week since my 1st pixel treatment.Skin is back 2normal. Was told there wasnt much 2look forward 2after 1st treatmnt, as the scars r still there, could i wear Monistat Chafing Gel on my face 2help fill the scars temporarily until my next treatmnt?(Women r wearing chafing gel as their base 4makeup!).Ive been wearing chafing gel along time before my pixel treatment and have had no breakouts. So would it be ideal if i was 2wear it a week after my 1st treatmnt? Do i still need the new skin 2 BREATHE properly? is the collagen still growing?

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if i was to keep my face moist all the time (iv been given vaseline), then how will the skin peel of naturally? it doesnt make sense, becasue i was told to wash my face the day after my treatment and after 4-5 days all the skin/scabs will fall of, and also been told to wear sunblock when i go back to work. and yes, i have not been picking my skin/scabs.
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DAMAK, I have been involved in treatment of over 100 scars with the Pixel laser, and results are usually better on scars than on the most-commonly-marketed applications, believe it or not. It is a hidden gem for treating surgical scars and acne scars. Make sure you moisturize a lot for 5 days and resist the urge to pick at the emerging flakes on days 4-8. You can elegantly remove all crusting on day 6 with the JetPeel supersonic saline mist exfoliation treatment which is in many offices in the U.K....look up Dr Chris Inglefield. He is even injecting Botox into patients without touching them - using the JetPeel's needle-free injection technology attachment.
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