Pixel Scarring - All I Wanted Was Reduction in Acne Scarring and Smoother Skin

During my first Pixel treatment, the technician...

During my first Pixel treatment, the technician held the laser directly on two separate spots, on my chin resulting in deep, large dimples, now permenent. During the second treatment, the laser gorged out a line across my cheek, resulting in uneven skin and the appearance of worse acne scarring.

The new skin looks younger, but the scarring looks worse. All I wanted was reduction in acne scarring and smoother skin.

Has anyone had Pixel laser result in further scarring such as deep dimples or laser line grooves and dips on the skin surface?


AnnaMalia, can you email me the name of the office you went to? I am thinking of having the same treatment done here in Honolulu and your experience definitely does not sound good. I hope your scars are going away by now. Thank you.
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I've had Pixel three times. After the first time, my skin felt like new, but it only lasted a couple of months. The pain wasn't too bad, but it wasn't a piece of cake, either. The second time, I barely saw any improvement in my skin and it hurt even worse. After the third time (more than a year after the second), it took over a month to heal and my skin looks five years older. The pain was so bad, I felt like I was going into shock. My advice is ONLY do it once--if that.
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hi, i just did my Pixel treatment yesterday. I have bad acne scars and wanted to smoothen them. Today is the 1st day post treatment and i looked like a burnt bbq meat! Is this normal? Please help. I have to go to work on Monday, and i dont want to look like this...
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The technician is very nice, not the increase in uneven skin.

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