Pixel, Botox and Radiesse Look Great

I am an MD who is very careful about who I allow...

I am an MD who is very careful about who I allow to work on my face and what procedures are safe and actually work. For the money, the most natural and cost-effective treatments are these.

There is some slight discomfort with the Pixel treatments, but if one considers that this is an elective procedure, it's easy to get through the 7 day recovery. Pixel improved the texture of my skin and removed sun damage. It also improved the crepe paper skin under my eyes.

A word of caution: Real Self readers should specifically ask what training the provider has. As an MD myself, I only allow board certified dermatologist, plastic surgeon or ENTs treat me, AND, I also require that they have done a fellowship (extra year of training) in cosmetic procedures. There are many non-qualified people out there, and the state medical board only requires an "MD" to perform the service, regardless of training. Would you want a psychiatrist to work on your face? Ask, and pay a little extra, if need be. It's worth it.

San Diego Dermatologist

He is board certified in Dermatology (4 years of training) and has a cosmetic fellowship (1 extra year). He suggests only procedures that really work and has an artistic, perfectionistic approach. Especially with the fillers, he doesn't over inject, so you look natural.

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Hello Doctor, I am happy you had a good experience with the PIXEL laser, it is a wonderful treatment for many, many conditions and skin colors. As a board certified PA-C, MPAS, with 12 years of clinical, cosmetic, and laser dermatology, I am the one performing this procedure in our office. Many MDs do perform this themselves, but in the state of California, it IS legal for a PA-C, NP or even RN to perform this procedure. I do agree with you in that having a specialist performing this procedure is essential, but that specialist may be someone like myself, who is extremely qualified to do so. I work on MDs and their spouses, as well as a very high profile celebrity clientele, all of whom are very happy with my work and refer many others to me - I know my limitations as a PA-C and I only perform procedures within my scope of practice - but I am very good at what I do and I worry that anybody reading this in California may get the wrong idea - in that anyone less than an MD cannot legally perform these procedures, and that is not the case. I actually am a clinical trainer for ALMA laser corp as well, and I train the MDs, PA-C's, RNs, etc on these systems - its my job to make sure the treatments are performed according to the company standards as well as those set by agencies such as the medical board. I appreciate your suggestion that people need to be careful of who they are allowing to treat them - I agree 110% Its the patient's right to ask all questions they feel are important in determining if the provider meets their standards of care as well. All my best to you and your practice. Sincerely, Valerie Stern, PA-C, MPAS
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