Photofacial on my Cheeks

I just had my first photfacial done today, its...

I just had my first photfacial done today, its been about four hours since and my skin is pink and now it looks bumpy, but I assume this will go away its almost like its swollen. I do not recommend you do this on a lunch break or if you need to go somewhere after.

I got this done because of spider veins on my cheeks and a few discolorations here and there.

The treatment was a little uncomforable it just depends what your pain threshold is mine is quite high. The lady did four passes on each area adjusting the level of the treatment as we went so that it wouldn't hurt. After the last pass it was a slight burning so four passes was definately enough.

I plan on having a couple more treatments done spaced four weeks apart, so I will update this to say how the progress is going.


I am having photofacial done on my cheeks as well. Just had my second treatment on Friday. No pain and no swelling or redness. Notice some improvement, but, I have quite a few capillaries and freckling. I am expecting it will take 4 for sure to get the results I am after. Good Luck.
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Everything is good, the swelling and redness went away by the next day. The small spider veins are actually quite a bit less visible and my pores seem to be smaller, I'll probably only have to go back one more time for the Photofacial. This treatment really does work.
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Just wondering how it is going so far?
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