Can a Photofacial Treatment Dissolve Radiesse?

I had radiesse filler for my "laugh...

I had radiesse filler for my "laugh lines". Then I had a photofacial done one month later. Radiesse filler was great! Photo facial left alot of bruising and even one minor burn about two inches long on my forehead. It's been four days and swelling and bruising still very evident. I had this done just to help my self esteem as i am in the process of a divorce.

Is it possible for photofacial treatment to dissolve the radiesse filler treatment?

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I would recommend for radiesse filler only.

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hi sherri no a photofacial cant dissolve radiesse. the bruising must be from the injections because a photofacial should never cause bruising or even mild swelling. but you should have very satisfactory results after about 10 days. aquafore is a product similar to neosporin its very good at speeding up the healing process. apply it every night at bedtime. its also helpful to take a vitamin c sup.
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