Worth Your Time and Money if You Hate Your Skin Like I Do

I had a photofacial because I had some redness...

I had a photofacial because I had some redness from past acne breakouts that seemed to never get any better and the texture of my skin wasn't terrible but it bothered me. The procedure was a little uncomfortable in areas of the face but nothing to cry about. I immediately noticed the results;less redness, more even texture and healthier glow. It was worth the money for now.

My question is I'm happy with the results but are they permenant or should I expect, like everything else, that as time goes on my skin will appear the way it was before? Meaning the redness and texture and such as I do understand that the vibrant glow will eventually fade during the normal skin cycle.


It is not permanent, but you can prolong it with the right products. TNS recovery serum is great- you can get a good deal on ebay at about half price compared to a derms office. I had two treatments and beautiful skin, until I had a skin reaction that took a year to resolve (not related to photofacials) during which I was on prednisone and accutane which dried the skin out a bit, but still not bad texture or anything . I am having another IPL next week, combined with pulse dye laser, for redness. and texture. Prednisone makes the skin red. IPL should tighten the skin somewhat.
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Very professional, honest, and trustworthy considering the doctor did the procedure instead of just supervising.

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