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IPL for Sun Damage to my Face. It's Lasted 5 Years Even Though I Can't Resist the Sun!

Had an IPL treatment on my face 5 years ago. Was...

Had an IPL treatment on my face 5 years ago. Was somewhat painful in certain areas, but tolerable. Didn't realize I would go home (and to work) with 'black' freckles, tho. Wasn't a huge problem, everyone was understanding (even my customers) and we all had a good laugh.

The results are outstanding. I was and am still very happy with the results. I have cared better for my skin these past 5 years - always wear 30 SPF - and still tan. I have natural freckles anyway so the damage that has come back is minimal and not very noticeable. I will have it done again this year - if I don't tan anymore, probably won't ever need it done again, but can't resist the sun :)

I recommend the procedure.


would you say the place in Maple Ridge did the best job, or Dr. Curry and how much did it cost?
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Both are good, I didn't prefer one over the other. The Maple Ridge location had a special on so I paid ony $200 but I think that's over now. It usually costs around $400 and they recommend several treatments however I've only ever done one at a time and been very happy. Good luck!!
ok :) Thats actually where I got my Botox and lips fillers, Dr. Curry is great! I was going to get a consultation done by him so I will now for sure now that I know someone elses he has done has turned out good. How many days after you had it done did you have to stay in the house? I dont want to go out in public with a crazy red face....
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