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I did not have severe cystic acne, just a small...

I did not have severe cystic acne, just a small amount developing on my jawline, as well as some sunspots. I mostly did this as a trial run, for my mother, who needed it but was a bit nervous.

That said, I loved the result. First the bad news...It was uncomfortable for two-three days. I used a sunburn treatment gel with lidocaine to alleviate some of the pain. And let me tell you, they mean it when they say "don't go outside for 2 days"....if you do, you will feel the burning on your face. Trust me. I only went in the car, with a hat on, and I could feel it.

Now for the good news...my skin looked absolutely fantastic after this procedure. Not only did my blemishes clear up, but my skin absolutely glowed. Alot (not all) of my freckles faded and people noticed and complimented me on how nice my skin looked. It was totally worth the discomfort and the money.


I just had to comment how great it was that you did it as a test run for your mom. I actually want to get this for myself, I have one giant sun spot down the middle of my face but my mom has the "old age" sun damage on her chest that she hates. So I thought I would try this out first before I recommend it to her.
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I had my PDT done 3 days ago and am very red, like measels but would not say I have suffered severe pain. I wonder how many days before I start scabbing. My skin feels raw like sandpaper but I have been applying moisturizers and hope I am not preventing the normal results to happen because of this. Any advice?
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I just got home from my appt. and they are suggesting 3 PDT and 2IPL treatments due to how bad my skin is. How is your skin now?
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Sarasota Dermatologist

I think the price charged is reasonable. The office is friendly and they don't give you the "hard sell"...if they don't think you need the procedure, or, if it's not necessary, they won't recommend that you do it. In my case, they told me another PDT treatment would be a bit of overkill, so I followed it up with a Vitalize Peel.

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